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Is SJJCC renovating?
Yes, we are currently raising funds to support a major renovation to this campus as well as a planned enhancement of our satellite campus, Bernice Jacobson Day School and Camp.

Why now?
We are at an exciting and transformative moment, a crossroads of Sid Jacobson JCC’s past, present, and future. It is time to make important changes that will enhance both our JCC and the lives of our members. While you’ve been motivated in an exhilarating group exercise class, mesmerized with your child’s growth in a bonding parent and me program, or captivated by the inspiring life of a popular author, we’ve been hard at work planning the transformation of our space in order to meet the evolving needs of our community.

The mission of our capital campaign is simple: to further strengthen the ties that bind us together. The proposed renovations will facilitate our commitment to engaging our community in meaningful, uplifting, and personalized ways. A successful campaign will enable us to increase the size of our program space, enhance our facilities to include new spaces such as a teaching kitchen and food bank, adapt existing spaces to better meet the needs of our community, and renew our lobby and façade to reflect the warmth and openness of our community.

What is the fundraising goal?
We are committed to raising a minimum of $12 million. We have raised more than 60% of the funds needed to complete the project, and now turn to the wider community for support. Together we can make this dream a reality.


What will be different at the JCC as a result of the campaign?

Almost every corner of the JCC will benefit from these planned renovations.

Our improved JCC facilities will allow us to deliver exceptional educational, social, cultural, and wellness programs to meet our community’s evolving needs. In addition, the improvements will strengthen our key revenue engines, helping to ensure the JCC’s long term financial vitality and sustainability.

Plans include:

East Hills

  • Enhancing the Leviton and Amsterdam Foundations Lobby to ensure it is welcoming and secure
  • Expanding the Gershwind/Jacobson Health + Wellness Center by 7,500 square feet
  • Adding a state-of-the-art Early Childhood classroom
  • Creating a Teaching Kitchen off of our Gezunter Café
  • Opening a food bank to help alleviate food insecurity across Long Island
  • Modernizing the Rubenstein Theatre
  • Expanding meeting spaces throughout the building
  • Improving energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint via a new HVAC system and solar paneled roof
  • Alleviating parking constraints by up to 40 spaces

Bernice Jacobson Day School and Camp*

  • Additional classrooms for 2s, 3s, and 4s program
  • New dining hall and kitchen
  • Expansion of campus facilities to include bunks, an infirmary, and fun spaces for our kids to play and learn
  • New driveway and parking lot

* All renovations assume that we receive the proper permits from the village

When will the renovations begin?
The construction has already begun with the addition of 200 Forest Drive which opened in March 2019. This facility will be the new home for 35 of our staff members including HR, Marketing, Finance, VTEC, Career>Connect and more. In addition, we have created a non-perishable food bank that will serve as a collection site and distribution center that will serve food insecure communities across Long Island.


The construction at 300 Forest Drive will be on a rolling basis. Our goal is to ensure that we maintain our programming while we renovate our main building. In the coming months you will see the addition of a new Early Childhood classroom and a new meeting space behind the Gezunter Café.

How will members be affected?
As the project evolves both with the planning and fundraising, construction details will become available and we will be sure to keep our members informed of facility updates.

As we meet incremental fundraising goals, the construction plan will continue. The JCC’s Board of Directors and its professionals will be developing a phasing plan that details when/where/how we renovate each area with as minimal disruption to our members as possible, and while keeping the facility open during the entire process.

Will the JCC be open during construction?
Yes. We don’t anticipate that the JCC will need to close during the construction.


Why a capital campaign?
As a non-profit community center, we depend on support from our local community. These “investments” allow us to continue to innovate and grow our offerings to the meet the needs of those in our community.

How can I support the campaign?
The only way this campaign will be successful is if it is a community effort. We are asking everyone makes a meaningful gift – regardless of size. Purchase a commemorative brick, make an unrestricted gift, reserve a naming opportunity, there are many ways to give. All campaign gifts are tax-deductible.

How is a campaign gift different from my annual giving?
Annual giving and campaign gifts are both critical to the future of SJJCC. To the best of your ability, we hope that you can continue giving annually while supporting this initiative.

We encourage you to think of your campaign gift as a special, long-term investment in the future of our community center.

Are their naming opportunities?
Yes. We have a number of meaningful opportunities to memorialize or honor family and friends. Whether it is a brick on the Paving the Future walkway, naming a program, or naming a space within our walls, we will work with your family to find the most appropriate way to honor your giving.

Can I pay a campaign pledge over a period of time?
Recognizing each donor is unique, we will craft payment schedules as appropriate. Typically, gifts are paid out over three to five years. Gifts can be paid in a lump sum, annually or even monthly. Our goal is to make it easy for you to contribute.

Are there other ways to give? 
Yes. Gifts of appreciated securities, planned gifts, bequests, and gifts of real estate are all greatly appreciated. Along with your financial advisor, we are happy to help structure your gift in a way that works best for your family.

Debra Wiener

Director of Development

(516) 484-1545 x215

Driving all fundraising initiatives to ensure SJJCC continuously evolves to meet the growing needs of our community is Debra Wiener, Director of Development. Debra started her career in community building…

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