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On display through April

My artwork is photomontage. It took me quite a while to actually figure out what to call my artwork since it wasn’t pure photography, collage, painting, or drawing. Actually, it was a combination of all those things. Over time, however, I gradually came to the realization that photomontage was a good descriptor.

My method of creation is not simply about pasting things together as in a collage. Rather, it’s about combining and refining many elements to form a picture that might be serious, bizarre, surreal, or humorous. My goal is to have the viewers interpret the new image (re-image) based on their thoughts.

My work often uses vintage images that have meaning to me on a personal and emotional level. A good number of the images used in my works are derived from the Office of War Information (OWi), the Farm Services Administration (FSA), and from commercial photographers during that time in and about the WWII years. The OWi was established to document life on the home front between 1941-1945. The FSA preceded the OWi.

The OWi and FSA hired photographers. One such photographer was Marjory Collins who photographed life in New York City. I have used her photos as prime elements in much of my work. Other photographers whose images I have used are John Vachon, John Collier, Jr., Jacobs Fenno, Albert Barden, and others. I have also used other sources such as my own photos, clips, and drawings. None of the images used have any known copyright issues since they are all within the public domain.

In this series of work I try to maintain the feeling of that era. I do not seek to alter the work so much that it takes away from what was. The re-imaged work is a rebirth of what was eighty-odd years ago.

The smaller black and white photos are the original photos from which the final reimaged picture evolved. There are also other images or clips that I included to further develop and enhance the final work.

I invite the viewer of each re-imaged picture to make up his or her own story.

To learn more about Alan and his art, visit alanrichardsart.com

All images can be printed at a size of 24×30 inches or 17×22 inches for $250. 30% of sales go to SJJCC. To purchase a piece, please visit the Front Desk.

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