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Specialized Fitness Training


Achieve your fitness goals in specialized areas such as Boxing, Pilates, and other out of the box classes that go beyond traditional exercise. Contact Bill Leonello, 516.484.1545 ext. 153, bleonello@sjjcc.org to get started!

Pre-Season Sports Training for Optimum Performance!

Working with a personal trainer is highly beneficial to developing a player’s skills, no matter what your sport. This unique fitness program includes 30 minutes of small group training.

  • Devise a routine to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • Provide individualized attention to help reach personal goals
  • Establish proper exercises and drills to get to the next level
  • Focus on increasing physical and mental stamina
  • Offer encouragement, inspiration and motivation!

Ages: 13-17 years
5 sessions
Begins Saturday, July 13
Register for:
$150 / members $75, all 5 sessions
$25 / members $35, per session

For more information and to register, contact the Fitness Center Welcome Desk, 516.484.1545 ext. 139, fitness@sjjcc.org 

Improve your cardiovascular endurance, rehabilitate a chronic source of pain or cross train for athletic events with our in-pool resistance and cardiovascular training. 50-minute sessions.

Intro Packages
3 sessions $129

Buddy Training
1 session $100
5 sessions $450
10 sessions $800

Private 1-On-1
1 session $80
5 sessions $325
10 sessions $625
25 sessions $1,499

Ages: 17+ years
Swing away in our program focused on improving an athlete’s on-field performance through strength, conditioning, stabilization and flexibility exercises. Learn the fundamentals of offense and defense through functional training exercises and explosive plyometric movements to build power, balance, and coordination.

Intro Packages
3 one-hour sessions $129
3 half-hour sessions $99

Private 1-On-1
1 session $80
5 sessions $325
10 sessions $625
25 sessions $1,499

Rapid 1-On-1
 5 sessions $225
10 sessions $399
25 sessions $899

Buddy Training
1 session $100
5 sessions $450
10 sessions $800

Off Peak
 5 one-hour sessions $265
 5 half-hour sessions $175
 5 buddy sessions $375

Get fighter fit without being hit! Learn boxing basics, improve body composition, gain muscle, and lower stress. Limited hours of availability. Personal training rates apply. Click here for pricing. 

Ages: 17+ years
Sink a hole like a pro in our special program that utilizes TRX, resistance band and medicine ball exercises to enhance balance, focus, and power on the golf course.
Baseball training rates apply, see above.

Ages: 18+ years
Reform your body with this refreshing mind/body workout proven to create a strong core, increase flexibility, improve posture and athletic ability.

Each session is 55 minutes.

Intro Package (Must be a new participant to Pilates at SJJCC. Limit one per person.)
3 sessions $140

Private One-on-One
5 sessions $275
10 sessions $525

Group Training (2+ participants)
5 sessions $120 per person
10 sessions $220 per person

Our Cancer Exercise Specialists design and administer individualized fitness assessments and exercise programs to ensure participants attain a quality of life that may have seemed out of reach. Only private 1-on-1 pricing applicable.

For more information on our Nancy Marx Cancer Wellness Center and a complete list of exercise programs, contact Reisa Brafman, Program Coordinator, 516.484.1545 ext. 228rbrafman@sjjcc.org.

Individual training is available for children, teens and adults of varying ability levels.
Physical activity helps to build self-esteem, improve social interaction, and improve
focus and function for daily living skill, while reducing anxiety.

For more information on our Center for Special Needs programs, contact Cynthia Harrypersaud, Admistrative Assistant of Special Needs Programs, 516.484.1545 ext. 205, charrypersaud@sjjcc.org.

Half-Hour Sessions
5 sessions $275 / members $225
10 sessions $499 / members $399
25 sessions $1,150 / members $899

Hour Sessions
5 sessions, $375 / members $325
10 sessions $725 / members $625
25 sessions $1,749 / members $1,499

Bill Leonello

Fitness Supervisor/Head Trainer

(516) 484-1545 x153

Inspiring SJJCC members with some serious fitness goals is Bill Leonello, our Fitness Supervisor/Head Trainer. Bill received a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education for grades K-12 with a minor…

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