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Spotlight Speaker: Steve Madden, “The Cobbler”

| TUE, MAY 12, 2020

Everyone knows Steve Madden’s name and his shoes, but few are familiar with his story. Over the past thirty years, Steve Madden has taken his eponymous shoe company from the…

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Author Breakfast + Book Signing Series: Melanie Benjamin, “Mistress of the Ritz”

| THU, MAY 07, 2020

A captivating novel based on the true story of an American woman who secretly worked for the French Resistance during WWII while playing hostess to the invading Germans at the…

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Partners With The Community: Stephen Koch, “Hitler’s Pawn”

| WED, MAY 06, 2020

A remarkable story of a Jewish teenager who was blamed by the Nazis for the anti-Semitic violence and terror known as the Kristallnacht, the pogrom still seen as an initiating…

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Partners With The Community: Karen Dukess, “The Last Book Party”

| TUE, APR 28, 2020

In the summer of 1987, Eve Rosen lands a job as a research assistant to a famed NY writer and an invitation to a famed “book party.” A coming-of-age story…

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Partners With The Community: Elyssa Friedland, “The Floating Feldmans”

| MON, APR 27, 2020

Sink or swim. That’s what Annette Feldman tells herself when she books a cruise for her entire family. (Please note off-site location.) $5 advance / $10 at the door

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Partners With The Community: Steve Israel, “Big Guns”

| THU, APR 23, 2020

Former Congressman Steve Israel uses fiction to take you behind the scenes of the gun debate in Washington. (Please note off-site location.) $10

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Author Breakfast + Book Signing Series: Talia Carner, “The Third Daughter”

| THU, APR 23, 2020

A remarkable story inspired by little known true events about the thousands of young Jewish women who were trafficked into prostitution at the turn of the 20th century and whose…

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Partners With The Community: Matthew Goodman, “The City Game”

| FRI, MAR 06, 2020

The powerful story of a college basketball team who carried an era’s brightest hopes—racial harmony, social mobility, and the triumph of the underdog—but whose success was soon followed by a…

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Partners With The Community: Ariel Burger, “Witness”

| WED, FEB 12, 2020

Burger, one of Elie Wiesel’s closest students, recounts his story of meeting the Nobel laureate at age 15, becoming his student, and then teaching assistant, and eventually a teacher in…

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Israeli Series

| FRI, JAN 10, 2020

See the first episode of the Netflix drama, The Spy, and enjoy a conversation with Eran Polishuk is the Director of Film and Media of Israel in New York moderated…

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