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Please note that our agency-wide phone system software upgrade will continue through Saturday, January 18 until approximately 12pm. During this time, all phones at the JCC will be unable to receive incoming phone calls and make outgoing phone calls. We ask that if you need to reach a staff member at the JCC, that you do so by email. For our staff directory, visit www.sjjcc.org/staff.  

30’s, 40’s + 50’s

FOR THOSE IN THEIR 30’s, 40’s + 50’s

Let’s Do Lunch™ provides physical, intellectual and social stimulation for individuals with young onset dementia, including frontotemporal degeneration. Specifically designed for younger individuals, we offer basketball, karate, support groups, vocational work, smart boards and iPads, dancing, hot kosher lunch and more. All programs require an assessment to ensure proper placement.

At Sid Jacobson JCC
Monday–Friday, 10am–3pm

At Suffolk Y JCC
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10am–2pm

“My wife was a professional whose life was halted when she was diagnosed with Frontal Temporal Degeneration at 60 years old. She was bored , depressed and not able to function. She now found purpose and meaning in attending the adult day program at the JCC. Thank you SJJCC for giving my wife a place that she looks forward to going every day. I am now able to work not feel guilty and she is not calling me 50 times a day. I can be productive and not loss my job.”

Taylor Herbert, LCSW

Director of Specialized Services

(516) 484-1545 x150

Caring for and implementing first-of-their-kind programs for those suffering from chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and various other neurodegenerative illnesses, is the Fay J. Lindner Foundation Senior Services Center’s Director…

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