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In observance of Yom Kippur, we will be closing at 3pm on Wednesday, September 15 and will be closed on Thursday, September 16. We will re-open on Friday, September 17 at 6am.

Hebrew Classes


Learn how to speak, write, and read in Hebrew!

We have partnered with IAC to offer virtual classes for all ages and levels! Classes are 45-50 minutes and are broken up into the following levels:

  • Level 1: Beginner level, will learn basic vocabulary and the Hebrew Aleph-Bet.
  • Level 2: Can have a basic conversation in Hebrew, able to read and write words with vowel marks.
  • Level 3: Can freely converse in Hebrew, is able to read and write in Hebrew.

For class offerings and to register visit ofekhub.org/hebrew.

Lirin Shay Goshen

Director of Randie Waldbaum Malinsky Center for Israel

(516) 484-1545 x115

Lirin Shay Goshen, our Senior Shlicha and Randie Waldbaum Malinsky Center for Israel Director, is originally from Holon, Israel and she served in the IDF for three years as an…

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