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New Leadership Group




We are a group of young professionals who have created a place where connections are made with one another and the wider community. We strive to teach our kids what it means to “give back,” and in the process, form lifelong friendships.

The New Leadership Group engages in family-focused community service projects and partakes in the many social service programs that the JCC has to offer. We aim to teach our kids the value of giving back. Whether it is a toy drive, making soup for those in need, singing songs at a local nursing home, or cleaning up Camp Kehilla, JCC’s camp for special needs, our goal is to put on events that attract children of all ages and reinforce the values we gain by doing acts of kindness for others.

In addition, throughout the year we host social events for parents in the community. Our bowling event alone is attended by over a hundred parents each year.

Our mission is to develop future JCC leaders who will continue to create a welcoming and caring community for young families through social programming and philanthropy. We hope you will join us in making our community a better place. You will be glad you did!

New Leadership Group Co-Chairs

Paul Isserles

Associate Executive Director, Senior Camp Director

(516) 484-1545 x140

Living and breathing everything camp 12 months a year is Paul Isserles, Director of Bernice Jacobson Day School & Camp. Paul brings over 27 years of camping and youth experience…

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