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Pam Brown, Nancy Bueti-Randall, and Mary Jane van Zeijts
May 7-August 16

The spaces and views that Pam Brown, Nancy Bueti-Randall, and Mary Jane van Zeijts each love provide different emotions and harmonies to our lives.

Pam Brown is known for making artwork that depicts her personal story as a naturalist inspired by the beauties and tragedies of wildlife and American history. Her collages focus on anthropological and environmental concerns of extinction and the human condition in reference to the natural world.

Nancy Bueti-Randall works directly from life, connecting with her subjects through keen observation, she paints what is often unnoticed, hidden and ordinary in her surroundings and brings it into focus. Her brush strokes are gestural, color a prominent component while she plays with reality, searching and interpreting the character of what is in front of her.

Mary Jane van Zeijts’ medium is predominately pastels and mixed media, while also incorporating watercolor, graphite and charcoal. Going out into nature for inspiration and ideas, she lays the foundation for her work outdoors and finishes each piece in the studio.

Susan Seelig

Director of Fine Arts

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