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Nutrition Consultation


Health is a top priority here at SJJCC and nutrition is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Our registered dietitian is available to meet with you for an initial consultation to determine your current health and nutrition status, and follow-up appointments can be made from there to help you achieve a successful outcome.

This is the first session you have with our registered dietitian and includes a comprehensive nutrition screening and evaluation of your medical history, lifestyle, dietary habits, and other pertinent information necessary to determine your current health and nutrition status. This is required for all new nutrition clients and is necessary to begin the pathway toward reaching personal wellness goals.

These sessions follow your initial consultation, as follow-ups are crucial for successful
outcomes. Your first is typically scheduled within one week from your I.C. to review
any initial recommendations that were made. Subsequently, these are scheduled
bi-weekly, monthly or as needed. Topics may include: medical nutrition therapy,
supplementation, weight loss/gain, weight management, eating habits in + out of the
home, recipe modifications, personalized meal plans, food journal review, healthy
cooking + snacking modifications, and more.

Contact the Fitness Center Welcome Desk, 516.484.1545 ext. 139 to get started!

Initial Consultation (60 min)$120 / members $100

Follow-Ups (30-45 min)
1 session $90 / members $70
4 sessions $300 / members $220
8 sessions $520 / members $360

Initial Consultation (90 min) $220 / members $200
Follow-Ups (45 min)
1 session $145 / members $125
4 sessions $540 / members $460
8 sessions $1,060 / members $900

Bill Leonello

Personal Training/Conditioning Room Director

(516) 484-1545 x153

Inspiring SJJCC members with some serious fitness goals is Bill Leonello, our Personal Training/Conditioning Room Director. Bill received a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education for grades K-12 with a…

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