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In observance of Sukkot, we will be closing at 6pm on Monday, September 20, and will be closed on Tuesday, September 21 and Wednesday, September 22. We will re-open on Thursday, September 22 at 6am.

Covid Vaccination

To Our Community,

We have just survived 18 months of a pandemic that tested our compassion and our endurance as a community as we continue to mourn the fallen. The progression of the Delta variant is our next test. Our children are at risk as are so many others who are in our buildings every day. When Covid-19 first became evident in our community, we closed our building to stop the spread.  What is required now is equally clear – to stop spread of the Delta variant it is essential for everyone in the community who can be vaccinated to be vaccinated. Thus, please take note of the following announcement.

To keep each other safe, we will be mandating all persons entering our facilities, who are over the eligible age of 12, to have at least one registered vaccination effective Friday, October 1. This will be required of all staff and participants for all programs. If an individual only has one dose of a two-dose vaccine by the effective start date, proof of the second dose must be provided within one month to continue participating in our programs.

Proof will be validated through an original copy of a vaccination card or through the NY State Excelsior Pass. Exemptions will be for those New York State regulated OCFS, NSOFA and OPWDD, as well as NCOFA programs which specify their own protocols. To schedule your free vaccine, please visit nassaucountyny.gov/vaccine.

The mandate is the appropriate next step based on the relevant science to keep us all safe. Over $200,000 of new state-of-the-art filtration systems were installed in our facilities. We erected outdoor tents and developed virtual programs for the homebound. We did this to meet the needs and expectations of our community who call upon us to enable community life to flourish. We understood that for community life to flourish, our first priority was to preserve life.

Sid Jacobson JCC is a community center. We have close to 200 children in our early childhood care and another 160 children coming to after-school programs every day. Our seniors have programs throughout the week, and we give daily respite to families who have a loved one with dementia. Daily, we teach young adults with special needs the skills they might need to survive independently in this world, and this only touches upon what takes place in our building every day. Your JCC also provides food and clothing to those in need, support, and programs for those diagnosed with cancer, cultural programs for adults of all ages, leadership and volunteer opportunities for teens and three summer camps that suit the needs of our families. Did we mention a fitness and aquatic center for health and well-being? This is your community center. This is Sid Jacobson JCC.

Sid Jacobson JCC will continue to operate, to serve, and to connect us to each other. Our agenda is simply the well-being of every individual and family in the community. As the Jewish new year nears, we pray that we all reach a level of safety and good health. You can count on us to be there for you and yours in every way we can.

David Black
Executive Director