Staff Directory

Senior Management


Bernice & Ira Waldbaum Family Children's Center

  • Dana Erdheim, Director of Early Childhood Services
  • Debra Kessler, Assistant Director of Early Childhood Services
  • Lindsay Mauer, Director of Youth Services
  • Wendi Singer, Early Childhood Program + Curriculum Coordinator
  • Catie Kennely-Margolies, Youth Coordinator
  • Kim Vukov, Youth Coordinator

Bernice Jacobson Day School & Camp

  • Lindsay Mauer, Camp Director
  • Lisa Gerson, Administrative Assistant
  • Julie Bass, Daycare Director + Office Manager
  • Charles Giegerich, Associate Camp Director
  • Brandy Brooks, Program Director


  • Sherry Roozrokh, Accounting Manager
  • Catherine Hendricks, Payroll Manager + Accounts Payable
  • Mary Donnelly, Administrative Bookkeeper
  • Esther Mor, Membership Bookkeeper
  • Dee LiVecchi, Staff Accountant
  • Lakshmi Venkataraman, Accounting Systems Analyst

Buslik/levy Teen Services Center


  • Michelle Laser, LCSW, Director of Social Services
  • Linda Samet, Career Services Specialist
  • Heather Rottmund, Career Services Specialist

Center For Community Engagement

  • Susan Berman, Director of Community Engagement
  • Marilyn Morgenlander, Volunteer Coordinator

Center For Israel

  • Ariel Magal, Director of Center for Israel
  • Nimi Bejerano, Junior Schlicha

Center for Parent Engagement + Education

  • Jodi Adler, Director of Parent Engagement + Education

Customer Service

  • Therese Kaplan, Front Desk Supervisor
  • Jill Hill, Fitness Welcome Desk Reception
  • Leslie Morris, Fitness Welcome Desk Supervisor
  • Olesia Palumbo, Fitness Welcome Desk Reception + Admin
  • Kathy Arnoux, Front Desk Reception
  • Shadena Peele, Front Desk Reception
  • Annette Bilczic, Front Desk Reception
  • Jade Ramos, Front Desk Reception
  • Barbara Brucia-Surlis, Fitness Welcome Desk Reception
  • Ruth Torres, Front Desk Reception
  • Kerry Curran, Fitness Welcome Desk Reception
  • Alicia Whitely, Fitness Welcome Desk Reception
  • Melissa Felsen, Fitness Welcome Desk Reception


  • Jaimee Molberger, Development Associate, Grants + Foundations
  • Bridgette Troisi, Assistant Director of Development
  • Alex Sprecher, Development Coordinator

Edward & Bernice Wenger Center For The Arts


  • John Michaelidis, Facilties Manager
  • Marbin Melara, Facilities/Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Victor Figueroa, Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Jorge Palomares, Housekeeping
  • Marie Arnoux, Housekeeping
  • Imelda Platero, Housekeeping
  • Miguel Caceres, Facilities Technician
  • Claudia Reyes, Housekeeping
  • Mitchell Caceres, Maintenance
  • Yesenia Reyes, Housekeeping
  • Reina Chavarria, Housekeeping
  • Marleen Roper, Housekeeping
  • Briston Compass, Facilities Technician
  • Maria Rosa, Housekeeping
  • Maria Godinez, Housekeeping
  • Delia Rubio, Housekeeping
  • Telma Gomez, Housekeeping
  • Alcides Silva, Housekeeping
  • Rosa Herrera, Housekeeping
  • Judith Siles, Housekeeping
  • Alberton Matsuura, Facilities Technician
  • Justin Tejada, Housekeeping
  • Luis Matsuura, Facilities Technician
  • Marlon Vaca, Facilities Technician
  • Victor Matta, Facilities Technician

Fay J. Linder Foundation Senior Services Center

  • Taylor Herbert, LCSW, Director of Specialized Senior Services
  • Christine Pizzo, Program Coordinator
  • Michael Alestra, Program Coordinator
  • Jill Simon, Administrative Coordinator
  • Julie Assel, LMSW, Program Coordiantor
  • Joe Wasserman, Program Coordinator
  • Stacy Denison, Special Senior Services Coordinator

Fay J. Linder Foundation Senior Services Center - Senior Programs

Gershwind/jacobson Health + Wellness Center

  • Audrey Kurland, Director of Health + Wellness
  • Philip Flynn, Director of Sports + Leagues
  • Yossi Ben David, Group Exercise Director
  • Bill Leonello, Head Personal Trainer

Jack Nadel Social Services Center - Inclusive Recreational Programs

  • Pamela Zimmer, Director of the Special Needs Center
  • Stacy Denison, Director of OPWDD Programs
  • Amanda Burns, LMSW, Special Needs Social Worker
  • Janet Engelhardt, Special Needs Center Administrative Assistant
  • Laura Carrano, LMSW, Special Needs Program Coordinator
  • Torayne Hamilton, Assistant Director of the Special Needs Center
  • Talia Colon, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist

Jack Nadel Social Services Center - Partners in Caring

  • Michelle Laser, LCSW, Director of Social Services
  • Leslie Grama Shapiro, LMSW, Social Worker
  • Barbara Goldstein, LCSW, Social Worker

Kroll Family Aquatics Center


  • Chris Engelhardt, Production Manager
  • Tommy Montgomery, Graphic Designer
  • Susan Gernhart, Marketing Manager
  • Alicia Scherer, Graphic Designer
  • Alyson Goodman, Marketing Manager + Social Media
  • Kevin Schissel, Graphic Designer


  • Audrey Kurland, Director of Membership
  • Abby Gottlieb, Membership Advisor
  • Yossi Ben David, Assistant Membership Director
  • Lauren Lamboy, Membership Supervisor

Nancy Marx Cancer Wellness Center

Ruth & Saul Weinberger Center For Jewish Life & Learning

Summer Streeters Day Camp

  • Debra Kessler, Director of Summer Streeters
  • Kim Vukov, Assistant Director of Summer Streeters

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