Parenting Center

Take Your Parenting Journey With SJJCC

All stages of the parenting process, from deciding when to start your family through raising a child, come with challenges. The never-ending pressure seems unavoidable and the responsibilities at times overwhelming.

With a multitude of products, parenting styles, alternative family constellations, support networks and differing educational programs, how does a parent find a consistent place to go for solid advice and guidance? Let the JCC help you tackle the tough challenges, all while enhancing the well-being of your family.

Our Parenting Center, focuses on the needs of each individual family with a variety of education, support and family-centered services through virtual and site-based programming.

To get involved in our Parenting Center, email us at


Help us meet your needs by letting us know the types of programs and events you would like to see from our Parenting Center and be entered into a $100 American Express gift card.

Looking for more information about our programs?


Sondra Siegel-Rakitovan, Director of Parenting Center, 516-484-1545 ext. 117

Dana Erdheim, Director of Early Childhood Services, 516-484-1545 ext. 207

Debra Kessler, Assistant Director of Early Childhood Services, 516-484-1545 ext. 194,

Wendi Singer, Early Childhood Program + Curriculum Coordinator, 516-484-1545 ext. 163,


Marshall Kurland, Associate Executive Director, 516-484-1545 ext. 301,


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