Parenting Center

Take Your Parenting Journey With SJJCC

All stages of the parenting process, from deciding when to start your family through raising a child, come with challenges. The never-ending pressure seems unavoidable and the responsibilities at times overwhelming.

With a multitude of products, parenting styles, alternative family constellations, support networks and differing educational programs, how does a parent find a consistent place to go for solid advice and guidance? Let your JCC help you tackle the tough challenges, all while enhancing the well-being of your family.

With our soon-to-be unveiled Parenting Center, we will focus on the needs of each individual family with a variety of education, support and family-centered services through virtual and site-based programming.

To get involved in launching our Parenting Center, email us at

Summer Parent + Me Classes

Member registration begins April 19
Open registration begins April 26

Looking for more information about our programs?


Sondra Siegel-Rakitovan, Director of Parenting Center, 516-484-1545 ext. 117

Dana Erdheim, Director of Early Childhood Services, 516-484-1545 ext. 207

Debra Kessler, Assistant Director of Early Childhood Services, 516-484-1545 ext. 194,

Wendi Singer, Early Childhood Program + Curriculum Coordinator, 516-484-1545 ext. 163,


Marshall Kurland, Associate Executive Director, 516-484-1545 ext. 301,


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