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Celebrate Israeli Culture

Israel comes alive within our walls with exciting story times in early childhood classrooms, stimulating discussions amongst seniors, culinary programs with young adults, enlightening experiences for families and educational films for the whole community.

Our Mission & Vision

To provide opportunities for all people of our community to develop and celebrate their personal connection to Israel through innovative and creative programs and partnerships. The Center for Israel provides a valuable resource of connection and engagement with Israel and Israeli life through meaningful programs and partnerships.

Our Center’s aim is to encourage our community to explore its connection to the vibrant, creative and human face of Israel through programs that promote direct relationships to the modern State of Israel, the land and its people. Together, we will endeavor to connect and shape a brighter future for all.

Become a Host Family

We have brought a taste of Israel to our Long Island community through the Shinshinim Program. Shinshinim are Israeli high school graduates who voluntarily defer their army service in order to do a year of service promoting Israel engagement and awareness throughout our community.

Each year our Shinshinim Program has expanded and in August 2018 we will welcome nine Shinshinim to the Randie Waldbaum Malinsky Center for Israel! We are looking for host families and couples to open their hearts and homes to these young Israelis committed to strengthening the connection between Israel and our community. The primary hosting obligation includes providing a separate bedroom for the Shinshin to stay and to provide food over a 3-4 month period. We provide insured cars, medical insurance, a clothing stipend and other financial support to the Shinshinim.

Hosting a Shinshin is a unique and meaningful way for you to engage your family with Israel, get an intimate glimpse of a fascinating culture while forming a lasting connection with these dynamic young Israelis. For more information contact Lori Kantorowitz, 516.484.1545 ext. 230 or lkantorowitz@sjjcc.org.

Staff &

Meet our staff

In 2013, the Center for Israel opened with one Senior Shaliach. Over the past few years, the Center continues to grow and in 2018 we have expanded to one Senior Shaliach, one Junior Shaliach and 5 Shinshinim!

Ariel Magal, Senior Shaliach
Ariel comes to us from “Kibbutz Regavim.” Ariel is married to Shira and is they have three children, Yael, Rotem and Omri. Ariel will lead and supervise the entire operation of the Center for Israel including all of our new Shlichim and assignments. Ariel worked at Young Judea before coming on Shlichut and has many years of experience under his belt, working in the Jewish Education field.

Nimrod Bejarano, Junior Shaliach and Head of Israeli Scouts
Nimrod comes to us from the city of Tel Aviv. Nimrod has just finished being the Scouts Leader for a Tel Aviv tribe with 700 kids. He has served in one of Israel’s Elite unit “Golani” and is eager to come and learn about our community. Nimrod will be working at the JCC with all of our departments on bringing Israel to life and will also lead the Israeli Scouts.

Eden Elfasi, Tomer Kazes, Guy Landa, Yael Nadan and Ella Tagar, Shinshinim
Who are the Shinshinim?  The Shinshinim are talented Israeli high school graduates who have made the difficult decision to defer their army service for a year and offer themselves as ambassadors of their country in service to the Jewish people. Selected through a competitive process, our Shinshinim are talented and have experience in group work, leadership, and youth organizing and leading.

What will they be doing?  They will serve our community in a variety of ways. They will teach about Israel and Israeli culture in Jewish day schools, supplementary schools and public schools and will also work with early childhood centers, seniors’ groups and various youth movements. They will be a living bridge between our community and Israel.

Become a Host Family
Our Shinshinim are Israeli high school graduates who volunteer to postpone their army service to bring Israel to life on our shore. We are looking for host families to open their hearts and homes for the young Israelis committed to raising awareness within our community. For more information, contact Lori Kantorowitz, Operations Coordinator, 516-484.1545 ext. 230, lkantorowitz@sjjcc.org


Shevet Gefen Israeli Scouts Program

Experience a whole new world of friends and culture! The Israeli Scouts Movement, or Tzofim, is the largest youth movement in Israel. Non-political and non-sectarian, the Scouts established and developed a framework based on education and values, to engage youth in a variety of social and enjoyable activities. These coeducational activities encourage and focus on personal development, friendship and camaraderie, a “giving” and involved community, foster democratic group life with an emphasis on personal initiative, leadership and excellence, knowledge of nature, love of country and protecting the environment. The participants must understand and speak Hebrew.

Meets on Sundays
Grades: 3-8, 4-6pm
Grades: 9-12, 1-6:30pm

Head of the tribe is Eytan Behiri, 516-535-9257. For more information, gefen@israelscouts.org

Scouts Atid

Israeli Scouts Atid

Sid Jacobson JCC, in partnership with Israeli Scouts Atid, is offering children grades 2-6 and grades 8-11 a dynamic Jewish experience — a new English Language track of Tzofim, Israel’s sensational scouting experience.

The experience empowers children and teenagers to become independent, creative thinkers and contributing members of the community while instilling the values of responsibility, respect, equality, friendship and justice. Learn more

& Events

At Bernice Jacobson Day School & Camp
Bring a picnic as we celebrate Shabbat with singing, dancing, playtime and challah braiding!
Friday, July 13, 5-7:30pm
Friday, August 10, 5-7:30pm

Jewish Life
& Learning

Looking for more information about our programs?

Ariel Magal, Director of Center for Israel, 516.484.1545 ext. 115, amagal@sjjcc.org

Lori Kantorowitz, Operations Coordinator, 516-484.1545 ext. 230, lkantorowitz@sjjcc.org

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